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“Casey has such an eye for movement and beauty in our industry that no one has seen before.” 

- Hairdustry

Meet the face behind the posts.


She’s a Mom of 3 and licensed Cosmetologist (20 years!) with a
LUXURY on-location hairstyling business that takes her worldwide -
Provence, France, Tulum, Mexico + all over the USA.

On top of that, Casey Powell’s hair art has been winning awards and breaking all the bobbypin rules - setting a major trend by going viral on social media. A heavy metal hair magician whose stunning, architectural creations have been referred to as America’s answer to Russian hairstyling (Modern Salon), making bobbypins your new favorite accessory.

Her talents have taken her to New York Fashion Week, Charleston Fashion Week, on the MAIN STAGE performing with industry legends at hair shows such as ISSE and Premiere Orlando, the largest in the country, traveling as an educator and stage artist for brands including CelebLUXURY, selected as MODERN SALON's Top 100 and as a featured writer on the Editorial Advisory Board for BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD.

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